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History of the Friends of the Eastern Shore Public Library

Revitalization of “Friends of the Eastern Shore Public Library” organization

An organizational meeting was held on July 7th 2005 at the Accomac Branch of the Eastern Shore Public Library to revitalize the ‘Friends of the Eastern Shore Public Library‘. The organization was originally established in 1981 to raise money for the current extension in Accomac. The organization seeks to stimulate public support and greater use of the library and encourages gifts, endowments and bequests to the library.

In July 2005, as water dripped through a leak in the ceiling of the Eastern Shore Public Library in Accomac, Carol Vincent, Director of Administration, thought about her options.

What she needed, she decided, were a few good Friends.

That emergency precipitated the revival of the Friends of the Eastern Shore Public Library. The group raised $5,000 for roof repairs, and then successfully lobbied Accomack County to add more public money for the project.

The roof was repaired in time for Christmas. The Friends then lobbied the County for funds to pave the parking lot, and replace the sidewalk and outside lighting. Their efforts succeeded, and that project was completed in June 2006.

Attention turned toward the inside of the library. Thanks to membership drives and fund raising efforts, the Friends donated $10,000 for new computers and computer furniture. The Children's Room revitalization was completed in June 2007 with donations of more than $4,000 from the Friends. Volunteer members donated sweat equity by painting walls, while others hand made story-time cushions. New rugs were purchased and local artisans, including Miriam Riggs, Charlie Mahler and Ellin McFord, built and decorated the furniture.

Spurring all these efforts is a conviction that the libraries of the Eastern Shore are one of our greatest local institutions. Their bookshelves hold a trove of Eastern Shore history. The public enjoys free computer usage, including wi-fi internet access. An annual Summer Reading Program engages children in fun, safe and educational activities

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