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Welcome to the Friends of the Eastern Shore Public Library ("Friends") website. The purpose of this website is to provide information about the Friends, activities sponsored, and encourage the public to help the Friends enhance the Eastern Shore Public Library (ESPL) in Accomac, VA,

There are several ways you can help the ESPL:

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Support your library by purchasing a book from the library's wish list or through the BE FIRST program, or purchase a calendar, book tote or used book.

Endowment Fund. Did you know that the Eastern Shore Public Library has an Endowment Fund? If you're interested in finding out more about endowments, contact Carol Vincent at the Accomac Library at (757)787-3400.




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Firecracker Book Sale a great success!!
Thank You from the Friends of the Eastern Shore Public Library. Friday, July 4th, the Firecracker BookSale sponsored by the Friends at the Accomac Library was a WONDERFUL SUCCESS. In spite of the rain from Arthur, we had a great turnout for the sale. Actually, this sale was our greatest success.

We will be having a sale in the fall, so get your donations ready. We will be looking for children's and young adult books as well as large print if you have them and would like to donate.

Carol Callander, President of the Friends of the Eastern Shore Public Library

Tuesday July 15 at 7pm
Native Americans on the Eastern Shore with Michael Hinman

Hinman is the Historian for the Accohannock Indian Tribe Inc., an organization based in Marion, Maryland, dedicated to documenting the history of the Accohannocks. Their territory, which they called The Kingdom of Accomack, stretched from Kiptopeke north to the lower half of Somerset County, Maryland. They were here for thousands of years before Captain John Smith arrived, Hinman said.

Tuesday August 19 at 7pm
Hogg Island sheep and native dyes with local spinner Nancy Ferguson

Tuesday September 16 at 7pm
Eastern Shore African American history with Kentoya Garcia

Tuesday October 21 at 7pm
'Slave and Free on Virginia's Eastern Shore' with Kirk Mariner

Picture of 9am opening of 2013 book sale.
Pictures of 2013 Firecracker Book Sale.

1st Thursday Book Group - meets the first Thursday of the month at 1pm. Any one interested may join. Call 787-3400 to find out meeting location.

Latest Accomplishments - making access to the Library easier.

Picture of powered door opener.

Easier access for everyone to everything our Library can offer. - Automatic doors were installed to make access to the Accomac Library easier for everyone. It is amazing how many people use the button! Patrons with armfuls of books were using their elbow, small children were asking if it was their turn to open the door, other patrons were using it to help elderly folks come in and out, as well as people on crutches, walkers, canes and in wheelchairs.

E-books. - You can now download e-books and audio books from the Libraries website. The Friends recently gave a donation to the ESPL to help underwrite the cost of the E-Books subscription and equipment. This is an expensive undertaking but was in demand from many patrons so the Trustees of the Library authorized the subscription. Go to to find out more or call (757) 787-3400.

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